Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Always 100% guarantee
Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Always 100% guarantee
Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Always 100% guarantee

Ironing shirts

A well practiced ironer will take about 5 minutes ironing a shirt. Why is that? First you should check the washing label to determine the right procedure for ironing. Most shirts can be ironed on the outside, but some fabrics whether smooth or rough can discolour or be damaged if you iron it at too high of a temperature. Make sure to iron these shirts on the inside. After determining the right ironing procedure you have to make sure to heat your ironing properly. Start at the shoulders, move down to the main body and sleeves and end cuffs. When you finish ironing everything properly, hang it and keep it in your closet. Overall this costs a lot of time, time which can be spend doing much more enjoyable activities. Our shirt ironing service will make it so you never have to iron or wash your shirts again. It will be done professionally and free of all stains, good as new!

Place your order

Don't want to iron? Pick "Shirt Service" on placing your order. Fill your dobbi laundry bag with all your items (put the shirts on top).

Washed and cleaned

We will remove any stains, this is a delicate process that will be done by hand. Our cleaners are specialized in cleaning more then 100 different kinda of stains and spots.

Pressed and Ironed

After washing it thoroughly your shirts will be professionally ironed and pressed They will be completely wrinkle free and feel and look as good as new.


We deliver your shirts hung so that they can easily go into your closet. Tip: Put your shirts in the dobbi laundry bag when they become dirty so that it is easy to put in a next order!

Did you know that?....

Removing stains is our specialty
Our specialities include but are not limited to: Beer, red wine, coffee and grease. We can treat more then 100 different kind of stains. No stain left in vain!

There are many tips & tricks online about
Ironing a shirt. We can say it is a bit of a craft and a skill ;)

Washing & Ironing a shirt is our best bang for buck product
The costs of washing, ironing & pressing a shirt is only €2,95. A great deal!

Professional textile cleaning = more sustainable
Research has proven that professionale textile cleaning is up to 3x more sustainable then washing at home. Want to know why read it on CINET

Let your shirts be cleaned, ironed and pressed by dobbi

Download the dobbi app in the App Store or the Google Play Store. Place an order with just a few swipes and we will come and pick up your shirt and return it at time and location of your choosing. Not only that, but you will also recieve a resuable environmentally friendly dobbi laundry bag worth €10.