Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Professional dry cleaning
Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Professional dry cleaning
Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Professional dry cleaning

Dry cleaning & laundry at your doorstep

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Your step by step guide to clean clothes.

1)Register and receive your very own free laundry bag (valued at €10) the next day.
2)Fill up your laundry bag with your clothing, suits, pillows, ski clothing, winter jackers & more. An estimated of 12 kg of regular laundry fits within the bag (2 rounds of a full washing machine).

3) One of our specially trained PostNL driver will pickup your laundry bag

4) Our certified textile cleaners go to work

5) Our PostNL driver delivers your clothing professionally cleaned at a time that fits you.

6) You can keep your laundry bag and may use it for your next order.

Enjoy the ease of washing & dry cleaning at your doorstep and download the dobbi app now!


if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us

Phone: +31 850187540

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +316 82065247

How do we clean your textiles?

dobbi works with the best professional textile cleaners of the Netherlands. All our dry cleaners are certified by the NETEX for quality & eco friendliness.

When your laundry bag arrives at the dry cleaner.

Our professionals separate the colors, examine the spots, smudges and look at the material, the washing labels and use their years of experience to determine the right course of action for your clothing and or living textiles (e.g. curtains). Special smudges & spots are treated separately and carefully.

Delicate clothing, wool and down.

Some fabrics are so sensitive and suspect to tearing & shrinking that they can only be treated professionally. Our dry cleaners use their years of experience and modern equipment in order to make sure they everything is cleaned carefully.

Thus even delicate fabrics such as wool and down are safe with us.

More efficient then washing at home

Clothing cleaned by dobbi is more efficient then using your laundry machine at home. Our method is 4x more eco-friendly, and better for your clothing. Thus your clothing will last longer, feel fresher and look more beautiful.

Experience dobbi for yourself, place your first order today!

About dobbi

You wear clothing everyday and you want to keep them clean & beautiful. We spend many hours a week on doing laundry. A professional solution to laundry and dry cleaning when you want, where you want previously was not available. Thus a vision was born that picks up, cleans, & delivers clothing at your doorstep. A vision that Maurits & Ruben, the founders aim to deliver.”your clothing perfectly clean and returned in 48 hours”

With that promise we stared dobbi in 2018, with our partners PostNL and Henkel. With success as we were awarded the most innovative dry cleaner award by CINET in 2018.

We offer our customers the best laundry & dry cleaning service of the Netherlands by using the dobbi app. With dobbi you are guaranteed the best quality textile cleaning and and great service. Not only is it done professionally but it is also more sustainable then doing the laundry at home.

Your clothing lasts longer, is more beautiful and feels better.
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Maurits & Ruben – founders dobbi

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We know there’s nothing wrong with doing your laundry the way it is, But in just a few swipes, you’ll start experiencing a life filled with small wonders.