Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Always 100% guarantee
Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Always 100% guarantee
Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Always 100% guarantee

Dry cleaning trousers

Do your trousers contain an A, F or P in the label? This means they have to be cleaned by a dry cleaner. Washing them yourself can cause you to damage the fabrics and fiber. Moreover, pressing them properly so that they look good can also be problematic. Not only this but your trousers also often are on the receiving end of stains such as beer, wine or other food stains. They dobbi dry cleaning service is at the ready and uses state of the art methodology to clean and press your trousers.


Make sure you empty your pockets, our dry cleaners will always check just in case. After checking they determine the best course of action for to clean your trousers.

Removing stains

Trousers are a common item at the dry cleaners, because it is easy to get a stain on them. Most stains can be easily removed by our dry cleaner.


We treat stains by hand and then clean it with our state of the art facility. After dry cleaning it we press the trousers properly and finish up with a final check to see if everything is in order.

Delivery at home

Your trousers delivered clean and wrinkle free at your doorstep. Making sure you can wear it and look good once more.

Did you know…

Washing clothes at home can reduce the lifespan
Some items of clothing shouldn't be laundered at home, washing them with water can cause them to shrink and thus reduces their lifespan.

Stains can nestle themselves in your clothing
The longer you wear clothing with stains and spots, the more of it will be absorbed by the clothing. Thus, be on time with letting your clothing be cleaned by dobbi.

Hanging your clothing next to a warm shower
Is insufficient to clean your clothing completely, it might remove some of the wrinkles a bit but the stains, dirt and smells will still be in there.

Professional textile cleaning is more sustainable
Research shows that washing professionally is up to 5x more sustainable then washing at home, read more at CINET

Look fresh once more with dobbi

We take care of everything, no need to worry, all you have to do is download the dobbi app in the App Store or the Google Play Store. Place an order and we can make sure you look good once more within 48h. We pickup & deliver everywhere. Experience the convenience and ease of the laundry & dry cleaner to your doorstep.