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A beautiful moment

An unforgettable day filled with joy. It is a moment you will want to preserver forever. The wedding dress is something that should be treasured, for it is a symbol of the commitment and happiness. As a result you will want to look fondly on it and preserve it well. Subsequently your wedding dress should be dry cleaned, after all, it deserves the best treatment, right? Wedding dresses are made of very delicate fibres and require special treatment to get rid of stains, sweat, a little bit of champagne or remnants of wedding cake. Worry not for your wedding dress, dobbi has expert professional cleaners who will take care of everything, read more to find out how below!

Pickup & delivery

Your wedding dress will be picked up by our driver and taken to the dry cleaner with the utmost care. We want to retain that great feeling on the wedding day for you.

Material check

In the dry cleaners your wedding dress will be carefully examined by one of our specialists. They will look at what delicate fibres, materials, embroidery, beads or other details the wedding dress is made of. That way they can determine the best course of action.

The cleaning process

It will first be manually treated by hand. We will remove the stains appropriately and it will be pre-treated with a special procedure.

We guarantee satisfaction

We guarentee quality work for your wedding dress. Our methodology is environmentally friendly and well suited for your wedding dress. Your wedding dress will look great once more, retaining that beautiful moment and feeling.

Did you know?

Common materials used in wedding dresses
Lace, tulle, silk, satin and various embroidery. They fabrics also often contain sequins and beads.

We take extra care for wedding dresses.
Because dry cleaning a wedding dress is a very delicate process which requires expertise it is something that takes longer then an average dobbi order. It will likely take two weeks, we will contact you when your wedding dress has been cleaned.

A bride spends between €1500 en €2500 on their dress.
Not only does the dress have meaning and great memories, it also costs a bit. All of that combined means it deserves the best treatment possible.

Professional textile cleaning is more sustainable
Research shows that professional textile cleaning is up to 5x more sustainable ten washing at home.

Let dobbi take care of your wedding dress.

All you have to do is download the dobbi app in the App Store or the Google Play Store. Place your order and we will pickup & deliver at a time of your choosing. The average time for cleaning a wedding dress is a bit longer as mentioned above, but it is to ensure utmost care and quality. It will take 2 weeks on average, but not to worry, it is to make sure everything goes right. Experience the convienience of dry cleaning & laundry to your doorstep right now.