Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Always 100% guarantee
Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Always 100% guarantee
Free pickup & delivery from €24,95
8:00 - 20:00 hours
Always 100% guarantee

Dry cleaning a dress

For every occasion there is the perfect dress, there are many different occasions with their own dress code. Your closet is likely filled with a mixture of dresses with different colors and patterns. What does this mean? For example there is the formal night dress, a summer sundress or a fun cocktail dress. Cleaning a dress an be troublesome though, there are a multitude of fabrics and materials that you have to deal with. Carefully examine the washing label before you get to work. Be very careful with removing stains by yourself, by scrubbing a stain it can actually deepen it and make it worse as it will be absorbed the the very fibers of your dress. Lastly because of this, don't leave dresses with stains too long in the closet, it will also cause the stain to be more absorbed and thus very hard to remove.

Every kind of dress

We can dry clean every kind of dress. Our professional textile cleaners examine your dress carefully before starting the cleaning process. Do you have a wedding dress? Read here

Examining stains

Your dress will be examined by hand; spots and stains will be removed appropriately with our state of the art methods. Our dry cleaners can remove more then 100 different stains.

Dry Cleaning

To make sure that the dress will be fresh and wrinkle free our experts will look at every details and embroidery in the dress.

Pickup & delivery

After the cleaning process your dress will be delivered hung in your dobbi laundry bag. The drivers deliver your dress back with the utmost care. So that you can shine once again in your favorite dress!

Did you know?..

This symbol℗
Means it has to be cleaned professionally. Such a dry cleaning process uses special detergents that don't which damage the fibers in your clothing. Cleaning regularly with water can damage a lot of these fabrics.

No stain left in vain
Is it beer stains, red wine stains, coffee stains or make-up stains? Our cleaners can remove all of these stains. We are able to remove more then 100 different kinds!

Your dress will last longer
If you let it be dry cleaned by dobbi.

Professional textile cleaning is more sustainable
Research by CINET proves that proffesionale textile cleaning is up to 5x more sustainable then washing at home, read here

Let your dress be dry cleaned by our professionals

Download the dobbi app in the App Store or the Google Play Store. All you have to do is place your order and we will pickup your dress and deliver it clean and wrinkle free to your doorstep.